Mega Fortune Dreams

mega fortune dreams

Released in 2014, Mega Fortune Dreams was the much awaited sequel to the famous 2009 Mega Fortune slot. They both have the same overarching theme of luxury, but Mega Fortune Dreams looks more modern and sleek and also comes with a few more advanced features. Just as with the predecessor, you can win a Rapid Progressive Jackpot, a Major Progressive Jackpot and a Mega Progressive Jackpot.

mega fortune dreams slotWhile the Mega Fortune slot machine has 25 paylines, NetEnt decided to cut the number of paylines down to just 20 for Mega Fortune Dreams. Another major difference is that you always play with all paylines active on Mega Fortune Dreams. The number of reels has not been changed; they are 5 for Mega Fortune Dreams and for Mega Fortune alike.

Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams both come from the Swedish game developer Net Entertainment (NetEnt).

The RTP for Mega Fortune Dreams is 96.40 percent.


  • You always play with all 20 paylines active on Mega Fortune Dreams.
  • You can adjust how many coins to bet per payline. The options are 1 coin, 2 coins, 3 coins or 4 coins per payline.
  • You set the coin value, from €0.01 to €1.
  • The smallest possible wager on Mega Fortune Dreams is €0.01 x 20 paylines x 1 coin = €0.20 per round.
  • The largest possible wager on Mega Fortune Dreams is €1 x 20 paylines x 4 coins = €80 per round.

You can win any of the progressive jackpots on Mega Fortune Dreams even on a €0.20 bet, but your chances of winning a progressive jackpot will increase with bet size. So, your statistical chance of winning a progressive jackpot is considerably larger on a €80 bet than on a €0.20 bet.

The palms are wild

The Mega Fortune Dreams wild symbol depicts two palm trees. This wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol except for the scatter symbol and the bonus symbol.

If you get at least three wild symbols, anywhere on the reels, you receive a re-spin. The wild symbols will stay where they are, while all the other spots on the reels will spin again.

Free spins mode

You need to get a minimum of three scatter symbols (the bluish stone) anywhere on the reels to get to free spins mode.

When you start free spins mode, you have a 3x multiplier.

Each time a new scatter symbol appears in free spins mode, you either get an additional free spin or your multiplier will go up one or two steps.

The highest possible multiplier in free spins mode is 10x.

It is possible to trigger the bonus game while in free spins mode, but the multiplier will not apply to any of the bonus game wins.

Bonus game

mega fortune dreams gameThe wheel of fortune is a bonus symbol in Mega Fortune Dreams.

The bonus game will start when you get a bonus symbol on reel #3, reel #4 and reel #5 simultaneously. The three bonus symbols do not have to line up; it’s enough that you have one bonus symbol anywhere on the third reel, one anywhere on the fourth reel and one anywhere on the fifth reel, simultaneously.

When the bonus game has been triggered, the screen will change from displaying reels to displaying a large wheel of fortune that is actually comprised of three wheels of fortune. There is an outer wheel, a middle wheel and an inner wheel.

The first wheel to be spun is the outermost wheel. If this wheel stops on a field that contains a number, you have won that number in coins and the bonus round is over. Example: The wheel stops on a field with the number 240. This means that you have won 240 coins.

If the outermost wheel instead stops on a field that contains an arrow, you get to spin the middle wheel. This field also have numbered fields and arrow-fields, but there is also a field with the word RAPID. If the wheel stops at the RAPID wheel, you have won the progressive Mega Fortune Dreams Rapid Jackpot.

If the middle wheel stops at an arrow, you proceed to spin the innermost wheel. At this wheel, you can either win a coin win (up to 6,000 coins), or the progressive Mega Fortune Dreams Major Jackpot or the progressive Mega Fortune Dreams Mega Jackpot.

Information about the progressive jackpots

The Mega Jackpot is a pooled jackpot, which means that it is fed by a lot of different online casinos. The Major Jackpot and the Rapid Jackpot are local jackpots, which means that when you play in Unibet Casino, the Major and Rapid that you can win are only fed by Unibet players, when you play in Betsson Casino, they are only fed by Betsson players, and so on.

This is how the three progressive jackpots are fed by the wagers:

  • 1% to the Rapid Jackpot
  • 1% to the Major Jackpot
  • 5.5% to the Mega Jackpot

Mega Fortune Dreams Touch

Mega Fortune Dreams Touch is the mobile version of Mega Fortune Dreams. You chance of winning any of the three progressive jackpots is not impacted by choosing to play Mega Fortune Dreams Touch instead of Mega Fortune Dreams. You can learn more about different mobile slots by visiting this website.

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