Evolution Gaming’s Evolved Income

Evolution Gaming, the online live casino operating giant, has recently released its financial reports for 2018, with some impressive numbers recorded. In their reports, Evolution Gaming reported a whopping $275.6 million in total operating revenue, which is an astonishing 38% increase from 2017! That’s one hell of a paycheck!

A Good Year for Jaw-Dropping Profits

Part of the impressive number can be attributed to the increase of live casino tables during the year, with an approximate 550 tables being live by the end of year. A truly impressive number that was entirely unanticipated, according to CEO Martin Carlesund.
The combined result of these live casino tables was a mind-blowing figure of $93.8 million, a 34% increase from the operating profit earned in 2017! This went along quite nicely with the rapid pace of expansion that, according to CEO Jens von BahrEvolution Gaming undertook.
The stars of the expansion were the 3 new live gaming studios that were launched in 2018, including their very first overseas studio, launched in VancouverBritish ColumbiaCanada in January! This is one of 3 Canadian provinces that Evolution Gaming supplies to, the other 2 being Quebec and Manitoba.
Also amongst the studios, is their first U.S.-based studio in Atlantic CityNew Jersey! And, if you think that’s impressive, then hold on to your jaw for this next one: overall, the company had a profit margin of 34% for the entire of 2018! Now that’s our kind of payday!

 Evolution Gaming logotype

Plans For the Future

It seems that nothing can quite extinguish the flame of ambition that burns brightly in the heart of Evolution Gaming! Part of their plans for 2019 include expanding their current studios around the globe, as well as increasing their territory in the world.
Carlesund notes that market demand has been increasing significantly, especially in the Nordic region and the rest of Europe. Therefore, as part of their plans, they’re looking to, first and foremost, construct a new studio in Malta to meet the demands of the gaming market.
Furthermore, they’re attempting to increase their growth in North America, especially after the immensely positive reception they’ve received from their studios in New Jersey and Vancouver! On top of that, they’re looking into releasing more games for North Americans, like Live Infinite Blackjack!
Finally, they’re successfully working on expanding their repertoire of games! In fact, in this year’s ICEEvolution Gaming revealed 10 new, exciting game titles, such as Monopoly Live, that the team at Evolution have been working very hard on!