Popular Online Slot machines

Slot machines are immensely popular online as well as offline, and there a thousands of different slot machines to try out. They range from three reel retro slots to advanced interactive video slots with complex features and separate non-reel bonus games.

In the early days, all slot machines were mechanical with metal reels. The very first slot machine, The Liberty Bell, was invented in San Francisco in the late 19th century. This slot machine had three metal reels adorned with just five different symbols. The most valuable symbol was the Liberty Bell, hence the name of the slot.


StarBurst is one of the most popular slot machines in the world

It wasn’t really until the 1960s that slot machines fully powered by electricity became a casino staple, and the video slot wasn’t introduced until the mid-1990s. A video slot is a slot machine where there are no physical reels. Instead, animated reels are displayed on a screen. In this sense, all slot machines in online casinos are video slots since there are no physical reels.

A video slot doesn’t have to display animated reels, but most video slot games display animated reels since this is what slot players are used to. If you want to try out a slot game without animated reels, you can for instance try out Gonzo’s Quest or Beach. Gonzo’s Quest is a slot from NetEnt where carved stones fall down in five columns from the top of the screen. Beach (also from NetEnt) is a slot where symbols from the ocean are washed up on a sandy beach.  You can find a very good list of where to find different slots on www.casinoer.com. (the list is easy to understand regardless of your native language)

Playing slots online

Online casinos became a common occurrence in the 2000s. An online casino will typically offer slot machines, table games, video poker machines, digital scratch cards and a few other game types, such as instant 1-player keno, instant 1-player bingo and virtual race games.

Mega Fortune give you the chance to win the biggest jackpots in the world.

Mega Fortune give you the chance to win the biggest jackpots in the world.

When you play in an online casino, the outcome is determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). An RNG works by generating thousands of number combinations each second. When you push the start button to commence a new round on a slot machine, a number combination is instantly fetched from the RNG to the slot and this number combination determines the outcome of the spin. If you had pushed the start button an instant earlier or later, you would have gotten a different number combination from the RNG.

Today, casino games that open directly in your browser are very common, but some casino sites still offer a downloadable casino client. One of the advantages with playing in a downloaded casino client is that less data is sent back and forth between your computer and the game server. Because of this, less of your internet connection bandwidth will be occupied by the transfer of casino data.

As more and more gamblers have gotten smartphones and tablets, online casino companies have launched special mobile casinos suitable for small screen touch screen devices. You can either play directly in the browser of your mobile device, or download a casino app.

Modern slots made in HTML5 are compatible with mobile devices right away, so no specially adapted version of the slot needs to be created.

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